Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Business FAQ's

What are the the benefits of ProERP for our business?

  • The benefits of ProERP can be divided in 3 categories; Business benefits, functional benefits and the technical benefits.
  • Business benefits talk about lower Total Cost of Ownership and High Returns on Investments. ProERP does take of this leveraging Cloud technology and gives this benefit to all businesses, small medium or larger. Businesses also need to think on maintenance cost and the resources needed to maintain where downtime keeps on increasing. With Cloud you don’t have to bother about maintenance as Google takes care about the same and 99.99% guaranteed uptime, means almost zero downtime of your ProERP.
  • Functional benefits may demand for faster implementation and scalability of the system. ProERP can get implemented in just 10 minutes to start using and going live, again due the Cloud environment and the cloud architecture. Secondly it is scalable from 1 user to 1 million users in a single click without changing any system, or environment or even the processes.
  • Technical benefits of ProERP include the accessibility from anywhere at any time using any device. You just need a browser and good internet connectivity. Secondly, ProERP is highly customizable as we believe each business need some customization or the other to best fit their work culture and with ProERP, customization happens 10 times faster than any other technology. Thirdly you get the data in real time and most important your data security is the utmost priority of Google Cloud Terms hence we have all the security compliances in place which is demanded globally and all standards needed for different industry segments.

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