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What industry segments are using ProERP and who are your clients?

ProERP development was started with a vision of “Adaptability To All”. Hence with the common processes in each business and each department such as Purchase, Sales, Accounts, Production, HR, etc, we developed a Vanilla Product that best suits any industry; if not 100%, at least 85% to 90%.

We also believe that each business is Unique and so are their processes. With this concept, each business may need some customization or the other and that’s how we customized for various business segments as of now and open for other type of industry segments too. Some of the current industry segment users are:

  • Dairy and Food Processing Industries
  • Agro Chemical and Agro Machinery product manufacturers
  • Chemical Industries
  • Automobile and Auto Component manufacturers
  • Assembling industries
  • Special Machine manufacturers
  • Industrial Material Suppliers

We are expanding our client base to include users from many other verticals & industries as well.

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