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Why should one "Go for ProERP" with Google Cloud? The Benefits…

  • There are multiple reasons for one to go for ProERP. Some of them include its KISS goal, i.e. Keep It Simple & Smart, so that any non-tech person can start using in very next moment.
  • Secondly, ProERP uses more than 80% features of Google Cloud Architecture and hence certified and tested with Google Technical Expertise. It is not just a business information and management system but a smart, intelligent and that uses Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) concepts of Google.
  • The Cost effectiveness of ProERP, Zero maintenance cost, Access from anywhere and from any device, GST readiness, High returns on investments, Lets you get started in just 10 minutes, Increases efficiency and productivity of your staff members, Gives business owners the eagles eye view and transparency of critical but crucial business information, also keeps you continuously updated with latest updates and upgrades, and many more functional features in the system that are discussed in our Demo videos.
  • Lastly but most importantly, it is highly customizable as per your business specific needs and that best suits your working environment.

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