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How Pro ERP can grow your business?

ProERP with Google Cloud is one of the Best Enterprise Resource Planning Software on Cloud that includes all critical ERP Modules like Purchase, Sales, CRM, Accounting, Stocks/Inventory, Production, Project / Site Management, HRMS, Supply chain and Distribution, Business Emails, Document Management, Auto Approval Processes, MIS Reports and much more.

Overall benefits

Business, Technical, Functional Benefits

Business benefits

Pay as you go, Lower maintenance, Quicker ROI

Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ProERP) system

Quick Features:
  • Lowers total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increases returns on investments (ROI)
  • Zero cost of infrastructure, energy, resources and maintenance
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Digital data that helps take faster and appropriate business decisions
  • Single platform solution for all your digital needs
  • Gives you complete business insights with "Eagles eye view"

Functional benefits

Customizable, KISS, Saves Time

Google cloud based ERP system

Single platform for all your digital needs including corporate emails, office suite (google g-suite), video conferencing and all other required including ERP.

Customizable to meet your NEED

Google cloud application development framework help to customize 10 times faster than any other platform. We offer this customization benefits to our customer at very nominal cost and "As per the NEED"

KISS (Keep It Simple & Smart)

Our aim is to keep it so simple that any non-tech person can easily adapt and operate immediately

Get started in
10 minutes

Setting up your business on ProERP can be done in just 10 minutes. Integration, implementation and training too will not take more than a week due to the to our KISS concept (Keep it Simple and Smart)

Increase productivity

User friendly functions and smart link integration, help to save time and increase resource productivity

Technical benefits

Quick access data security

Secured ERP solution

Inbuilt and customizable dashboard for each modules presented in graphical manner. ProERP is accessible from any location at any time from any device with high level of security

Abreast with latest update

Due to cloud environment, you are always updated with latest versions hence need not worry on upgrades and updates. No worry at your end as when you login, you get all latest updates.

Access on the “GO”

Responsiveness of ProERP and cloud based will help you in using the system on the “GO” anywhere on the globe and from any devices (Mobile, Tab, PC, Laptop, etc) and hence your business is in your hands digitally too.

Reduced or zero Support dependency

Cloud ERP reduces or zeros the support time as fixing doesn't depend on geographical locations. Any support or fixes can happen in few minutes and completely online which helps in customization cost.

Your data security is our concern

Your data is ALWAYS YOUR data and only you have the access to it. Google follows all worldwide security compliances applicable not only to give you trusted security but also that helps in meeting your security audit compliance for your organizational needs.

Security compliances of Google

Server Security, Data Protection

Leading with a security-first mindset

Compliance, Ediscovery, Analytics – Equipped for the toughest standards.

GST Compliance and customization

GST Ready

GST ready

GST Ready ERP software for small, medium and large sized businesses and can be further customized based on the future changes in taxes structure. File your GST returns automatically with ProERP.


Industries We Serve

Manufacturing, Ware housing & logistics , Trading , Project Companies

ERP for your industry

ProERP addresses your Industry needs. Our google cloud ERP solution delivers targeted functionality built to meet your unique industry requirements.

ProERP Modules

The ProERP System can be customized 10 times faster than others or can be extended to all possible business functions.

Sales - CRM
Sales - CRM image
  • Maintain database, customer master, subscription list
  • Track your sales team daily report, expense reports and funnel report with lead status
  • Define your own labels, pick list, zones, industry verticals, lead status, etc.
  • Send digital GST invoices and quotations to your clients.
  • Sales Order can send alerts to Stores and Production department for further action
Purchase Management
Purchase image
  • Create requisitions & Purchase orders.
  • Allows you create auto requisitions or purchase orders based on production plan and material shortages
  • Compare supplier wise quotations as well as verify with their old purchased prices
  • Track supplier wise purchases, deliveries, pending orders, payments made and dues, etc
  • Auto create your stock receipts and returns and maintain track of PO
Stocks / Inventory Management
Inventory Management image
  • Generate Item master with customized UOM, Brand, code, type, category, etc
  • Generate stock receipts directly from PO or requisitions created
  • Define default prices with their respective parameters for each item
  • Track stocks at each location / branch / dealer / warehouse and maintain reorder level
  • Get alerts for stock shortage based on production plans or reorder levers
Production Planning
Production Planning Image
  • Stage wise production planning and scheduling
  • Track the real time status on each production plan
  • Alerts stock for readiness with production plans / schedules
  • Allocate stocks project wise and location wise
  • Create standard BOM or Sub BOM for each production plan
  • Ability to categorize produced items as raw material, semi-finished or finished goods
Project / Site Management
Project Management Image
  • Strengthens the projects / sites with proper planning, scheduling and control
  • Track material, equipment, machineries and tools at each site
  • Maintain details of resources, people, expenses, etc at each site
  • Get daily update from site supervisor on work status and next schedule as well
  • Helps make your site / project a profit centre with real time monitoring and controlling
Support / Service Management
Support Management Image
  • Create a support system to serve your clients better
  • Auto generate tickets and assign respective staff for each ticket
  • Track status of each support case with respect to various parameters
  • Track maintenance contracts, their payments, renewals, etc.
  • Define set processes for each type of support required with their criticality levels
Supply Chain & Distribution
Supply Chain & Distribution Image
  • Automate your Supply and distribution processes.
  • Track transactions of your distributors and retailers.
  • Enriches your relationships between distributors and retailers.
  • Helps improve product flow through accurate demand & sales forecasting.
  • Data driven approach helps in minimizing or zeroing any kind of delays.
Accounting Image
  • Maintain all accounting documents for each supplier, customer and employees
  • Generate all accounts and financial reports such as P & L, stock statements, etc.
  • Get GST Compliant reports and file and track your GST returns
  • Track receipts and payments and get alerts and notification for each dues
  • Helps analyse business transaction performance of your customer and suppliers
HRMS & Payroll
HRMS & Payroll Image
  • Create employees, contractual people, and maintain their remunerations
  • Define your own type of leaves, the salary structure, deductions, etc
  • Assign, track and manage leaves of each employee
  • Auto creates salary sheets for each employee based on defined structure
  • Maintain monthly track of all legal formalities and payments such as for PF, TDS, etc.
Business Email & Document Storage
Business Email & Document Storage
  • Easily integrate with your Google Business email enabling all features to use in ProERP.
  • Additional storage space of 30 GB to each user to store their important reference documents on Cloud.
  • Collaborate within your internal team for document sharing, editing and approval processes.
  • Communicate with your internal team or your clients via video / audio conferencing.
Other Functionalities
Functionality Image
GST Ready, auto approval on all documents, “Anywhere-Anytime-Anydevice” system availability, multi-company & multi-currency, create custom fields, customizable MIS reports, granular user authentication, multi-level Security with DR and back-up options, upload / download or import / export facility, email or sms alerts, 10 times faster customizable anytime, one click upgrade with your growth, and many more features

ProERP Annual Subscription Plans

Let’s get started. Allow our consultants to talk to you and choose the right ProERP plan or CUSTOMIZE it to fit your business requirement. All Plans are expandable to ANY number of users and Data Size

Stadard / Shared Platform

  • Free 2 Users included
  • Use "AS IS" basis (No Customization)
  • 1 GB Storage or 1 Lakh records per user
  • Hosted on Google Cloud Shared Server / Resources
  • Can scale to unlimited users, unlimited resources
  • Free Email Support (Standard Response Time)
  • Free AMC till subscription is active
  • Premium Paid Support can be procured separately
  • Standard updates / upgrades available for Free
  • All modules included
  • Request A Demo

Custom / Dedicated Platform

  • Free 10 users included
  • Fully customizable as per business needs
  • 1 GB Storage or 1 Lakh records per user
  • Hosted on Google Cloud Dedicated Server / Resources
  • Can scale to unlimited users, unlimited resources
  • Free Email Support (Premium Rsponse Time)
  • Free AMC till subscription is active
  • Premium Paid Support can be procured separately
  • Standard updates / upgrades available for free
  • All modules included
  • Request A Demo

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